‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Joe’s stalling game

We wish we could say that there was more that actually happened when it came to the “Big Brother 14” house Tuesday, but instead we have had an evening that was more about stalling than making any big decisions. Basically, it came down to a fear of people not wanting to rock the boat.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

All week long, Joe has been claiming that he would not only “pick a side” between Team Boogie and Team Shane, and he would proclaim it to the world since there would be no doubt as to what he was going to do. However, he has since balked on that a little bit … and doesn’t want any confrontation to happen. Of course, what he doesn’t realize is that it is going to happen anyway, and he is just prolonging the wait by trying to act like he may have both sides.

While we’ve been fascinated watching Joe try and act as though he could help to keep Boogie in the house over Jenn, it’s all really a moot point. We already know that Ian is with the Quack Pack, and Ashley is even balking a bit at evicting Jenn because she realizes that she is on the same side of the house either way and she know Jenn has a better chance of actually staying in the game.

Outside of this, most house discussion is just paranoia. Danielle and Jenn are rebuilding a friendship, the Quack Pack is desperately trying to brace for the next Head of Household, and Frank is continuing to follow Joe around like he is joined to him at the hip — that is, after he got another peck from Ashley during some private time.

Do you think Joe will actually announce a side before the week is over? We want to hear your thoughts below! If you want to check out our latest edition of contestant rankings from the house, be sure and follow the link here. As always, we have more updates from the live feed to the right.

Photo: CBS

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