‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: Is Paige really the threat?

Watching Tuesday night’s “Pretty Little Liars” really left us with a pretty inescapable feeling — despite all of the show’s attempts to force Paige down our throat as the biggest suspect to be “A,” we just had a feeling that she was really not the target that everyone should be looking at the moment. Are we looking at a case of misdirection instead? We’re betting on it.

There are some things involving Paige during this episode that are indeed shady — including her having an earring from Ali’s grave in her bag — but there is something about Jenna’s warning to her that seems especially interesting: it was incredibly vague, and not just limited to the friends that she has, but also friends of her friends. Could she beĀ talkingĀ about Nate? That’s our first guess based on the fact that Jenna knew that Emily was with someone … but never saw who. CeCe is another strong possibility, but it wouldn’t make any sense for Jenna to think that she was spending time with CeCe.

While CeCe and Nate have shown some suspicious behavior, neither one of them was featured as a suspect to be guilty of the “ultimate betrayal” — and Paige was. Then again, so was someone else rather surprising — Ezra. He finally talked to Maggie this week, but so did Aria, and what she uncovered was that she does have a child that is old enough to actually be her boyfriend’s. Unfortunately, Maggie left out this detail, and she would look pretty bad telling him about it now. So how does this connect back to “A”? This may just be a red herring, but during his birthday party celebration, there was a specific mention of his love for older music — and then, we saw someone on the “A Team” play some music in a jukebox at the very end of the episode. We still don’t understand what exactly his motivation would be for trying to destroy the woman that he loves, but it is something to consider.

After watching this episode, who do you think is now the biggest “A Team” suspect — Paige, Ezra, or someone else entirely? To check out some more finale scoop from executive producer Marlene King, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: ABC Family

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