‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: A tougher side of Skyler

Over the past few weeks on “Breaking Bad,” we have started to see a version of Skyler White who is a little more willing to take the bull by the horns and be in control of her own life — at least in comparison to the woman who was paralyzed by her own fear earlier this year.

So what is this going to lead to next? As always with this show, getting concrete details is sketchy — but speaking in a new interview with TVLine, Anna Gunn did promise recently that the final two episodes of the show this summer will feature Skyler continuing to make some moves to secure both her safety and that of her children:

“Skyler started off [the season] really, really, really unraveled and almost paralyzed as a human being. And let’s just say she starts to gain her footing a great deal more by the end of this half of the season.”

With this quote, Gunn also clarifies a long-standing debate in our mind as to whether or not this summer and next summer were counted as the same season or not. With that in mind, we’ll just refer to them as season 5A and 5B the rest of the way. (We’re really just sad that put together, they mark the end of this fantastic show.)

While Skyler asserting herself is always a good thing from a television perspective, we would be remiss to not mention that she is going to have a hard time gaining her footage too much in a world where own fate is at risk. If Walt sells her out for laundering his money, she goes to prison along with him and she’s away from the kids for a rather long time. Plus, there’s also the risk that Walt could snap on her like he has with so many others.

Do you think that Skyler is going to be able to get away from Walt by the end of this season? We want to hear your thoughts below! To check out our review of this past episode, be sure and click here.

Photo: AMC

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