‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Andrew De Leon’s shot at redemption

We teased before this week’s “America’s Got Talent” that it had the potential to be one of the best of the entire season — and boy, did the show not disappoint in any way. While some wild card acts were better than others, every single one of them offered some sort of redemption following some disappointing rounds in the past. Even the man who had the biggest letdown of the night in Cristin Sandu still outdid himself from last time.

The performances

Spencer Horsman – This was the Spencer that we were expecting to see back when he made it through to the live rounds! This was an escape that was terrifying, as Spencer found himself trapped in a block of cement as he unlocked himself from his own prison. The danger was there, as was the tension — and when he escaped, there was really nothing to do other than applaud.

All That! – We really think that this was the best that All That! can do on this show. They brought a ton of energy to what they were doing, and we really do applaud them for that. Unfortunately, we really think that this is a situation where their best is really not going to be good enough to advance.

Jarrett & Raja – See what we mean about acts rising to the occasion? Their “Singin’ in the Rain” trick was awkward and just plain weird in the first live show, but this “vanishing piano” was the sort of trick that you pay to see, as Howard put it. We would love to see them again.

Jake Wesley Rogers – We feel for Jake now. He would have went through on the dreadful YouTube show last week, but he simply could not compete with the other performers this week. With that being said, we have to say that his take on “The Edge of Glory” was the best thing he has done, and we loved his look on stage and his presence.

Cristin Sandu – Now, we really feel for this guy. He said that he never fell in a show before he did so during the last live show … and then it happened again. We will say, though, that the guy almost made it through a complete 360-degree spin over fire before he crashed — and that should count for something.

Todd Oliver – Is this ventriloquist act still corny? Definitely, but he at least made his act a little bit current this week with 90 seconds themed around politics and the 2012 election. There were some surprising zingers in here, and it really felt like the audience responded well to some of the jokes.

Bandbaz Brothers – These guys didn’t even make the top 48, and after watching them again we are not exactly sure why. These two do something with their bodies that we have never seen before on any show, and it’s even crazier when you remember that one of these guys is nearly 60 years old.

Sebastien “El Chorro de Oro” – Isn’t this a great night? The moment we heard that Sebastien was singing “New York, New York,” we thought that this was one of the strangest choices he could have made. However, he then proved us wrong by completely rocking with a mariachi rendition of the Frank Sinatra hit that was his best of the entire season.

Horse – We know there is no chance that Horse goes on to the next round, but we would like to petition that the guys helps to revive a certain MTV show as the new Johnny Knoxville. There’s really a place for this on television, and there’s also no one else out there willing to do this sort of stuff at the moment.

Lindsay Norton – In some ways, Lindsay is in the same boat as Jake and All That! — she is a great act, but the competition is just so huge when you look across the board. With that being said, she does still have a chance — mostly because her moves are relative to Gymnastics, and we know how popular the sport here is at the moment.

Andrew De Leon – It’s been a while since we have actually heard Andrew perform after the disaster in Vegas Week, and we have to say that he really did himself proud. This was a stirring, operatic performance that is surely going to get him through to the next round. We know that he is a wild card, but he could actually move on and win this whole competition.

Ben Blaque – The moment that we heard Ben was closing out the night, we were surprised — mostly because we’re not used to a variety act getting this sort of love. Not only was this show of archery sensational, it was frightening and utterly shocking. How do you shoot an apple blindly off of your head? It was worth advancing, but so were every other act.

Who do you think was the best during this show? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to see where we ranked some of these performances before the show, be sure and check out our story here.

Photo: NBC

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