‘Big Brother 14’ rankings: Danielle Murphree climbs to the top

For those of you who don’t have the live feeds, let’s just say that this has been one of he craziest weeks in the “Big Brother 14” house all season. There have been secret deals, betrayals, and fights that are going to likely carry straight through to the live show on Thursday. We also anticipate that the double-eviction is going to turn things on its head even more.

So who is really in the best position at the moment? It’s hard to say, but we are judging our rankings based mostly on this — who’s the most likely to make it to the end at this moment? After all, you have to get there if you really have any hope of winning at all.

10. Mike “Boogie” Malin (last week: #7) – The man no longer really known as Mike is in deep trouble this week. Not only has he been embarrassed for trusting the Silent Six, but the person who is betraying him is the most socially-inept person in he house.

9. Jenn Arroyo (last week: #2) – What a difference a week makes. Jenn is almost sure to stay given that Joe and Ian are playing Boogie, but she has burned many a bridge with her arrogant attitude after being put on the block. She’ll last for a while still, but he’s no friend to Dan or Shane at the moment.

8. Frank Eudy (last week: #9) – For the first time in this game, Frank actually gets to vote to evict someone this week! He also gets to play for Head of Household Thursday, but he’s in serious danger if he does not win it.

7. Shane Meaney (last week: #5) – Shane has blood all over his hands this week, and if someone from outside of his alliance wins HoH Thursday, he’ll probably be following Boogie straight out the door.

6. Ian Terry (last week: #1) – This has not been a good week for Ian. Although he has managed to keep his status as the rat under wraps for most of the week, he’s likely tto be exposed if Frank wins HoH — regardless, his alliance is starting to get upset about how well he is playing both sides, and are even considering replacing him with Joe.

5. Ashley Iocco (last week: #6) – If Ashley hadn’t actually started to play hard this week, she’d probably be in a little bit of a better position moving forward since she’s actually a good person to take to the end of this game. However, her relationship with Frank is starting to land her in hot water.

4. Dan Gheesling (last week: #8) – So long as Dan is Dan, he will be a threat — but what a great job he has done this week making Shane a bigger target than he is. There are some scenarios in which he could leave Thursday night, but he is not going to be the first target of just about anytone.

3. Joe Arvin (last week: #10) – There’s no denying that Joe is a snake, but he is also slithering his way into a solid pact with the dominant alliance. Joe is a perfect person to take far since he will never win, and we’re starting to see a late-game player out of him because of it.

2. Britney Haynes (last week: #3) – Like with Dan, there’s a slight chance that Britney goes home Thursday — but it’s very slight. She’s got herself in a great position to go far thanks to her alliance, and the only thing that could stop her from winning is her attitude.

1. Danielle Murphree (last week: #1) – In some ways, it irritates us to have Danielle ranked so high, mostly because she frustrates the living daylights out of us with her Shane love and her occasional cockiness. The truth is, however, she’s in great shape. Every one of her three main allies are bigger threats than she is, even with her having two more challenge wins under her belt than either Dan or Britney.

Who is at the top of your ranking? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out the latest update from the show’s live feed, be sure and follow the link here. We also have more updates in the sidebar to the right.

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