‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: First look at Lea Michele, Dean Geyer

If you were interested in seeing how Lea Michele looked alongside her new potential love interest on “Glee,” we now have the first official shot of the actress as Rachel Berry alongside “Terra Nova” alum Dean Geyer — who is set to play an upperclassman at NYADA named Brody who takes the Barbra Streisand-worshiping Lima grad under his wing early on in the season.

So are these two going to actually get together, or is Rachel’s heart still very much in the possession of Cory Monteith’s Finn? Speaking to TV Guide (who first posted the photo), Geyer was coy — but he did explain that the two parties are going to be spending plenty of time together:

“He’s a potential love interest … We have chemistry and moments of connection where things could go further, but he’s mainly there to guide Rachel in her new school.”

There really is no question at the moment that the pressure is on Geyer more than it is on some of the other new characters this season, mostly because Finn and Rachel are such a beloved couple on “Glee.” In many ways, this is a similar sort of situation that happened when Grant Gustin entered the fray as Sebastian last season — there were many fans worried that he was somehow going to be stealing Blaine away from Kurt, and the actor received a little bit of blowback for it (even though he did seem to be a rather nice guy who rolled with the punches). It’s unclear at the moment if Gustin is going to be back, although executive producer Ryan Murphy has already promised that we will see plenty more of the Warblers.

What do you think about the idea of Brody as Rachel’s new student mentor?┬áIf you want to see a new photo of Chris Colfer alongside Sarah Jessica Parker on the show, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: Fox

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