‘American Horror Story’ season 2 teaser: A rose is not a rose

When is a rose not a rose? When it turns into an incredibly creepy image of someone being tormented. While the past couple of teasers for “American Horror Story” season 2 have been a little vague when it comes to actually telling us just what is going on inside of them, the brand-new peek at the show’s second season (subtitled “Asylum”) is somewhat more explicit when it comes to its scare.

Does it actually tell us anything about its story? Far from it. Really, all it does instead is show us a beautiful white rose that has a slightly more sinister meaning behind it. In some ways, the reminder of white as a figure of evil as well as innocence is a play off of a popular metaphor in the Robert Frost poem “Design,” and it will be interesting to see if this manifests itself in some of the actual footage from this season. Remember, the color white has been prominently featured in three of the four promos released by the show so far this season — whether it be with this rose, a bath, or an outfit worn by a nun with a pale face.

Overall, there’s no question here that these promos are meant to hype up the insanity that we can expect to see within the Boston asylum that will serve as the locale for the new season of the show. As for the 1960s setting, it should give us a better opportunity to see what terror looked like in an age when there was not so much technology available.

What do you think about the white motif present within this promo? Be sure and share some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out another recent preview for the show, be sure and pay a visit over to this link.

Photo: FX

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