‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rankings: Cole Horibe, Eliana Girard tops

For the first time on “So You Think You Can Dance” Wednesday night, the guys and the girls are finally going to be judged individually rather than as a part of a team — and this could work to help a few dancers rise to the top while some others struggle without someone helping to lift them up.

With that in mind, our rankings are a little different for this week — we’ve divided the contestants up by gender, and are putting them in order of how likely they are to receive votes in addition to their performance quality.

The guys

5. George Lawrence II – He is a stellar dancer, but this year he has been pegged as the guy whose performance quality has not equaled his amount of support. He has been in the bottom twice already, and Nigel and the judges cannot save him forever.

4. Will Thomas – Like with George, Will is not entirely memorable — but he may be at an advantage now that he can shine without Amelia Lowe. This is no slam against Amelia — rather, it is a recognition that she is a dominant personality that commands a great deal of attention.

3. Cyrus Spencer – He’s not the best overall dancer of the guys remaining, but he definitely is a likable guy with a big heart, a memorable story, and he has yet to land in the bottom.

2. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – Even though he he has not always been consistent when it comes to all of his performances, Chehon has a certain energy that is captivating when he is at the top of his game.

1. Cole Horibe – We really are staring to think that Cole is the total package on the show — he is entertaining, well-trained, and his style as a karate dancer is actually creative enough in order to stand out in some of the solo performances.

The girls

5. Tiffany Maher – With some of the ladies, there is a problem in that some of them blend together. When thinking of Tiffany, her biggest problem is that we can’t name any one reason why she is going to rise above anyone else in her field.

4. Lindsay Arnold – It took a last-minute save from Nigel to get her this far in the competition, and we suspect part of Lindsay’s problem is that she and Whitney Carson are too similar. Eventually, one of these ballroom superstars is going to be sent home because of it.

3. Audrey Case – Audrey is someone that is really going to benefit from getting the chance to perform individually, but at the moment we have her as a wild card. She could win, or she could be the first woman to go.

2. Whitney Carson – As we mentioned, Whitney and Lindsay are at risk of splitting their fan following. Both are¬†pretty¬†great when it comes to being ballroom dancers — but will they stand out without their male partners? One of the two is probably going to leave soon, but the other could go far.

1. Eliana Girard – This wasn’t really a tough choice here. Eliana is a star, and can lift emotional and fun performances with her spirit. Without Cyrus at her side, we have a feeling that she is going to blossom in a way similar to Sasha Mallory when she hit this round last year.

Who are your favorite dancers at the moment? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out a list of some of the All-Stars coming up Wednesday night, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: Fox

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