‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: First photo of Chris Colfer, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is coming to “Glee,” but we have a feeling that her character is going to be far and away different from Carrie Bradshaw outside of the mutual connections to both the world of fashion and New York City.

In a new post on his Twitter account, executive producer Ryan Murphy posted the photo to the left, and also revealed that the first name for the former “Sex and the City” star on the show was going to be Isabelle. She is an editor at Vogue Magazine, but what is a little bit unclear at the moment is whether or not she is the editor-in-chief a la Anna Wintour, or if she is just someone who edits the online portion of the publication. Chris Colfer’s Kurt is going to be working as some sort of intern for the company as he tries to find his calling post-McKinley High, and it was revealed on Monday that he and Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry are going to be living together by at least a few episodes in to this season.

Kurt will at least start this season off still in Ohio, as he tries to figure out just what he wants to do with his life. There is probably some insecurity behind being away from his boyfriend Blaine (Darren Criss), and he may also be a little bit afraid of failure after he saw himself rejected from NYADA last year despite giving a pretty good audition.

Parker is at the moment only confirmed for one episode — meanwhile, Kate Hudson has signed on for at least six episodes as her character of dance instructor Cassandra July.

Are you excited to see what Parker ends up bringing to the show? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more of the latest news pertaining to the show, be sure and read the story over at this link.

Photo: Fox

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