‘Survivor: Philippines’: Mike Skupin, Russell Swan confirmed to return

One day after we brought you the confirmed cast of new players for “Survivor: Philippines,” we now have the next piece of the puzzle — the three returning players who are coming back for another shot at this game. Traditionally, we admit to not being huge fans of mixing these sort of players with newbies, mostly because they are coming into the game with an enormous advantage courtesy of knowing the game and some of the best ways to play it.

If there is one caveat here, though, it is that these players all deserve another shot in one way or another — mostly because they have such unfinished business after having to leave due to injury. When it comes to Mike Skupin (“Australia”) and Russell Swan (“Samoa”), you specifically have two people who were on the cusp of the jury when they were hurt, and could have made it far depending on who won certain challenges later. Meanwhile, Jonathan Penner is a bit more of an interesting case — he’s already been voted out once, but is still back here thanks to him going down with a knee injury during the “Fans vs. Favorites” season.

The player that we are the most fascinated with at the moment is Mike, and the reason for that is fairly simple — the man has literally gone 22 seasons without playing. The last time he was in the game, it was over a decade ago — and plenty has changed since then in terms of challenges, immunity idols, and twist.

So how do we think some of these returnees are going to do? Be sure to check back all week, as we are going to start up our castaway spotlight series, where we talk about what each person brings to the game and just how well they will fare. The new season of “Survivor” premiere in just over four weeks, so stay tuned.

What do you think about these three players returning? If you want to hear why host Jeff Probst likes returning players, be sure to check out the link here.

Photo: CBS

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