‘The Glass House’ finale review: A winner amidst broken glass

There’s no question that “The Glass House” started out a trainwreck — the contestants were boring, the challenges lacked inspiration, and the show lost more viewers than we can count in the first two weeks.

However, those who actually chose to stick it out for the full season (like we did) started to realize that there was some gold in the middle of all the broken glass — seeing how the┬ácontestants┬átried to strategize based on their perception of America was fascinating, in particular when it came to Jeffrey. He correctly predicted that he would win if he went into limbo, and he also figured out last week that it was better for him to be the team captain for the brilliant dollhouse challenge last week. He made some good moves, but this was sadly not enough to get him into the final three.

Out of the contestants remaining at the end of Monday’s episode, they were at least all memorable in some way or another — Erica had her heartstrings pulled by Kevin all season, and Andrea was best known for being sweet on the surface but rather calculating behind the scenes. It was cool to see the massive crowd assembled outside of the house as the final three took their positions — and yes, it turns out that there are this many people who actually watch the show. The contestants made their final arguments to America and the massive crowd, and then we had the moment of truth — the winner was actually Kevin! We were a bit surprised to see this, mostly because we weren’t quite sure that some of his antics with Erica really did much to win the voters over. Erica (who was our pick to win) came in second, and Andrea placed third.

Do you think the right person won this season? If you want to check out some more of the latest news related to the show, be sure and take a look at the story here.

Photo: ABC

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