‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Trouble for the Quack Pack?

Over the past two weeks in the “Big Brother 14” house, Ian Terry has made a living for himself by being the classic double agent. He’s been playing both sides perfectly, and really the situation that Boogie now finds himself in is largely his problem.

However, some conversations that are going on in the house at the moment are starting to suggest that the game’s resident geek is getting a little too cocky for his own good, and may have made a major mistake turning on his old allies. Everyone within his Quack Pack alliance knows that Frank is the next person to remove from the game, since he is an enormous physical threat and would probably win the game if he makes it to the end. However, Ian has said that he wants to take out Joe instead. What’s the logic behind this move? It’s really rather simple for him — he doesn’t want to get rid of someone who could be an ally, and he knows that Joe is someone who is a threat to him since he plays a similar sort of game at the moment.

Ian’s never been very good about keeping a secret (save for his alliance), and he was quick to tell everyone in the Pack about his desire to get rid of Joe. They were not a fan of the idea, and are also getting annoyed by the power trip that he is getting by making moves without getting any blood on his hands. With all this in mind, they are honestly starting to look at severing ties with him to some extent — he’s not a threat at the moment, but one possible thought is replacing him with Joe in their alliance, and then riding that out for a few weeks if they can.

Regardless of how you look at it, one thing is certain when it comes to Ian right now — if he doesn’t find another alliance, the best that he will finish is fifth. We also hope he figures out what to do before Thursday, just so we can see someone from this alliance go home so things can get interesting again.

Do you think that Ian’s attitude towards Joe at the moment is worth removal from the Quack Pack?┬áTo check out some more of the freakouts that happened following the Power of Veto Ceremony Monday, take a look at the story here.

Photo: CBS

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