‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Embracing the inevitable

We have finally made it to the final four on “Hell’s Kitchen” this season, but before it happened the show finally made a decision to get rid of the last remaining contestant who really didn’t deserve to be there at this point.

Let’s just put it this way — Monday night featuring the contestants cooking Italian food, and this is something that Clemenza does on a daily basis. It’s in the guy’s blood! However, he completely tanked for the second straight service across the board, and couldn’t really do much of anything right. The only thing that was somewhat his saving grace? The fact that someone else in the kitchen in Barbie was just as bad — if not worse. This created a little bit of ambiguity in the moments leading up to his elimination, mostly because Chef Ramsay would have been justified in getting rid of her over a lack of leadership during dinner service.

Then again, Clemenza has set a record for ineptitude in that he has stood in front of Ramsay on seven occasions — which is actually 50% of the entire season. The fact that this guy has made it this far in the competition was shocking in itself, and his survival was largely dependent on the men’s team being worse than him for most of the season.

With all this in mind, there’s no doubt it was Clemenza’s time — if Kimmie was eliminated on Southern food night earlier this season, it was only appropriate that Italian night would lead to his demise. Out of the final four, Justin and Christina do seem to be the strongest chefs remaining, but we’re also not ruling out Dana despite some of her recent struggles.

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Photo: Fox

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