‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The land of freakouts

Following the Power of Veto Ceremony in the “Big Brother 14” house on Monday, nobody is really that happy — and it’s caused the house to descend into chaos more than we have see it ever since the departure of Willie Hantz from the game.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

Ever since Shane pulled the rug out from under him and nominated Jenn as a replacement nominee over Dan, Mike “Boogie” has been fuming, and understandably so. He referred to Shane as Dan’s “b—h” to his face, nearly gotten into a fight with Joe about messing with Dan to his face, and also slashed and burned whatever sort of “Captain America” image that Shane thought that he had going into this game. Boogie realizes that he is probably going to go, and his last recourse now is just trying to expose both Shane and Dan for the double-crossing players that they are. To an extent, Frank has joined Boogie in throwing Dan and Shane under the bus, though the two also seem to be holding back on some of their plans until they can come up with a strategy for battle for the next two days.

While Boogie is scorching the earth he walks on at this point, Jenn’s not exactly making many friends, either, by singing to Dan that he is “digging his own grave” and acting upset at Shane and Britney for putting her in this position. She was lied to! While Jenn is by most estimations a useless player, the arrogance of Britney, Shane, and Danielle (who has cried at least three times today over false rumors about Dan bashing her) is really pretty astounding. All three are acting holier than thou and believe that they have this game wrapped up … but little do they know that there still are plenty of twists that could be coming. Britney even warned Danielle about Pandora’s Box possibly coming up, and she hopes that Shane does not use it in fear of someone getting a power.

The only person that is really handling all this well? Dan — and this is a day after looking a little shady by not speaking up enough. Rather than getting in anyone’s face, he is sitting back and watching people detonate. The good news for Dan is that Shane has now surpassed him as the #1 target, and he could find himself lasting in the game a lot longer because of it.

Finally, let’s just add this — Ian is having a little too much fun now with being the villain, and his game is starting to be reminiscent of Kenny Hoang from “Survivor.” Remember how Kenny thought he was running the show on his way to fifth place? Well, let’s just say that Ian needs get ready to stay on his feet if he wants to avoid the same fate.

Who would you vote out if you were in the house — Boogie or Jenn? To check out some more news from the Veto Ceremony, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: CBS

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