NBC’s ‘Community’ season 4 spoilers: Enter Spacetime

Remember when it was claimed that Matt Lucas was going to be playing one of the new professors on “Community” season 4? Well, it turns out that those reports turned out to be as wrong as Troy wearing spandex to dance practice. (Any season 1 fans, holla!)

According to TVLine, the role that the “Little Britain” star has actually been cast to play on the season (which premieres on Friday, October 19 — a date that we are circling on our calendar now) is one with a distinct connection to something that Abed loves very dearly in “Inspector Spacetime.” You probably remember that it was mentioned at Comic-Con that the Greendale 7 was going to be visiting a convention themed all around the show’s version of “Doctor Who,” and Lucas is going to be another fan at the convention.

Of course, the story goes much deeper than that (as it always does on this show). Lucas’ Toby also happens to be someone who Abed has met before online, and they share the sort of deep connection that lifelong friends can instantly form. With that in mind, he and Abed form an instant bond, and it’s pretty likely that there is going to be some major jealousy on the part of Troy (who also left Abed high and dry last season when he “pursued” Britta just about as much as anyone pursues anyone romantically on this show).

This character does indeed sound rather interesting, and with that the only question that we have worth asking is this — will he be able to actually get some more new viewers watching? “Community” is at a point now where it will take a miracle to save it, especially on a night when most comedies go to die (especially those with this much of an 18-49 audience).

Do you think that this sounds like a fun casting for the show, and are you always down for some Troy-and-Abed conflict? To find out more about what former showrunner Dan Harmon is working on now, be sure and visit the story here.

Photo: NBC

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