‘True Blood’ finale first look: The bloodbath draws near

On Sunday night, the finale of “True Blood” is here — and with that, we better anticipate some bodies hitting the floor. Multiple sources have confirmed that the death toll will be high next week, as we are nearing all-out war at the Vampire Authority between the Sanguinistas and the Mainstreamers — and to make matters worse, Russell Edgington is also on the loose with some powerful fairy blood in his veins.

While it’s looking pretty bad right now for just about every member of he fairy population (including Sookie), it’s looking even worse for such people as Sam and Luna — who are not only trapped at the Authority headquarters, but don’t even have any clothes on their backs. Eric and Nora are the only vampires on the inside with a plan, but they lack the resources to possibly pull it off. Jason Stackhouse is also not going to take this issue lying down — but it’s hard to really figure out just how much power Jason really has when it comes to building an army or killing anyone, let alone some of the most powerful vampires out there.

Hopefully, this finale will play out in a way that is similar to the end of season 4, where we saw an end to a number of key stories while the stage was also set for the next year. This season has felt especially abbreviated for whatever reason, and it may be due to Russell not turning up for a few episodes in or Christopher Meloni’s Roman having a far shorter presence on the show than just about anyone anticipated going in.

What do you anticipate happening in this finale? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!┬áIf you want to check out our full review of Sunday night’s “True Blood,” be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: HBO

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