‘America’s Got Talent’ rankings: Does Andrew De Leon lead wild cards?

Tuesday night’s new episode of “America’s Got Talent” is poised to be the best one of the season so far as we know that the 12 returning Wild Card acts for the show are all some that were on the cusp of greatness the first time around. Not all of them are necessarily headline show material, but they have the capability of bringing some great things to the table. As a matter of fact, one of them is even poised to have a shot at the grand prize.

12. Todd Oliver & Irving – We’ve seen better animal acts and better comedians. With all of this in mind, we are really just having a hard time seeing what is going to get these two to make it any further in the competition than they are already.

11. Jarrett & Raja – The last time they were on the stage, this magic act was booed off for a pretty lame trick that also was prone to mistakes. They have an uphill battle from the get-go.

10. Cristin Sandu – Similarly, Cristin has to shake off his balancing act falling apart the last time he tried to perform — and we really don’t know how many times we can see this, anyway.

9. Jake Wesley Rogers – Jake’s an okay singer, but he’s not the kind that succeeds on a show like this. To be frank, he really just has a tendency to screech too much.

8. Bandbaz Brothers – What these acrobats do is shocking and amazing — but outside of doing a few strength stunts, what else is there? The fear is that we’ve seen everything already.

7. Horse – With Horse, we know we have seen everything already. There are only so many crotch shots the world needs, and he doesn’t seem to have anything else.

6. Ben Blaque – The first time around, Ben was hurt by a balloon that didn’t pop fully — which made it look like he messed up his act when he didn’t. He’s still a great act, but we don’t know if America just has the necessary love for archery.

5. All That! – It’s hard to rule out good-looking male clog dancers, but we’ve seen this before. Literally — we have seen this act on the show before. It’s nothing new, and they need to go.

4. Lindsey Norton – Lindsey was great before the Olympics, but seeing gymnasts there will probably help her out here, as strange as it sounds. America currently has what she does on the brain, and it’s brilliant how she also incorporates dance.

3. Sebastien – He’s young, he’s talented, and Mariachi music does have a following. He was great during the first live show, but he was just on a night that was more competitive than any other.

2. Spencer Horsman – We ranked this illusionist #1 back during his first live show, and he made one silly mistake that hurt him in shielding part of his escape from the crowd. We’re betting he does not do that again.

1. Andrew De Leon – Given how he choked during Las Vegas, his elimination then was sadly justified given that you have to perform. However, this second chance round is perfect for him. De Leon has more talent than any other singer in this competition, and so long as he performs at the level of his audition, we will be seeing him this season for a long time.

Who is your favorite wild card act? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more of the latest “America’s Got Talent” news, be sure and read the story here.

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