‘The Amazing Race 21’: Now with even more money

We have been quietly hoping that “The Amazing Race” would take a few lessons from the Australian version of the show this coming season when it comes to its format, and unfortunately we don’t know whether or not the pre-leg voting for U-Turns or the Express Pass are going to be included in season 21 of the American show. However what the newest promo for the show does promise is another sort of incentive to get people racing harder — a $2 million cash prize. The twist here is that this is only under the condition that you place first in the opening leg.

It this a big deal? Not necessarily when it comes to format, but it is at least a recognition that a million bucks now is different from a million bucks back in 2001 when this show first started. It also helps to raise the stakes of this show against some others out there — any network can put on a reality show, but how many will give you this sort of prize in the end?

We are excited to see where the race goes this season, and we only hope that they learn from some of their recent mistakes — including pre-arranged travel, meaningless travel, and constantly casting at least one team of beauty queens or former reality stars. Is it too much to ask that we see some new contestants this season? We have literally watched every episode of every season of this show, and we really want to see it recapture some of what made it originally great — the wonder of the locales along with the feeling that these were real people having controlling their own fate in the race (and not just bad taxi drivers or equalizers).

Are you excited for this new season, and what sort of changes do you think need to be made? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below!

Photo: CBS

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