‘Survivor: Philippines’ cast: Bartenders, baseball, and beauty queens

25 seasons in, and there are apparently some things that you can still count on when it comes to a “Survivor” cast:

1. There will be a bartender from Los Angeles.

2. Someone has a past in beauty pageants.

3. There is some sort of former athlete out to prove that they “still got it.”

Therefore, we can’t help but wince a little bit at the group that has just been announced for “Survivor: Philippines.” They are really just not that exciting in that so many of them are personalities that we have seen before — outside of a few interesting professions like a sex therapist and a tire repairman. Hopefully, the contestants will stand out a little more once we know more about them. We do love the beautiful setting of the Philippines for this season, though, and the twist is an interesting one even though we hate returning players at this point — three castaways return to the game who previously left due to injury. (These names have been out there for months — but since they have not been confirmed, you can check them out over here.)

Kalabaw tribe

Sarah Dawson
Insurance Sales
Silver Spring, Md.
Age: 28

Katie Hanson
Former Miss Delaware
Newark, Del.
Age: 22

Jeff Kent
Former baseball MVP
Austin, Tex.
Age: 44

Dana Lambert
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Age: 32

Carter Williams
Track Coach
Shawnee, Kan.
Age: 24

Tandang tribe

Abi-Maria Gomes
Business Student
Los Angeles, Calif.
Age: 32

Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Armour
Investment Banker
New York, N.Y.
Age: 27

Artis Silvester
Computer Engineer
Terry Town, La.
Age: 53

Lisa Whelchel
Former “Facts of Life” Actress
Dallas, Tex.
Age: 49

Pete Yurkowski
Engineering Graduate
Holmdel, N.J.
Age: 24

Matsing tribe

Malcolm Freberg
Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Age: 25

Zane Knight
Tire Repair
Danville, Va.
Age: 28

Angie Layton
Provo, Utah
Age: 20

Roxanne “Roxy” Morris
Seminary Student
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Age: 28

Denise Stapley
Sex Therapist
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Age: 41

As we do with every other “Survivor” season, we’re going to have more coverage of the cast in the days and weeks ahead — including spotlights for each person and theories about how they will fare in the game. Even though the casting may occasionally be annoying, we have to say that there is still nothing that gets us quite this excited on TV.

What do you think about this cast? If you want to hear more of Jeff Probst’s explanation for returning players, be sure and click the link here.

Photo: CBS

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