‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Delusions of grandeur

Before we start up our look at the happenings of the “Big Brother 14” house this Monday morning, let’s start things off by congratulating the show yet again at tying its season high with a 2.3 rating in he 18-49 demographic. It’s always amazing that for all the people who claim to be “protesting” the show, the numbers keep getting higher — even if we are far below last year’s pace at this time.

Now, let’s turn back to the house — where Frank and Boogie are starting off the day by acting like complete and total nutjobs when it comes to their chances at staying in this game beyond the next week. Frank relayed a conversation between Shane and him about backdooring Dan to Boogie, and they are taking it as a good sign just because Shane said that Danielle would not be that upset if it happened. As for why these two are bothering to believe a single word that Shane says, that’s a different story — this is a guy who has tried to get Frank eliminated twice, and has lied on multiple occasions in order to make it happen.

Before the Veto Ceremony happens, Boogie plans to make one final push — and he is grateful that such people as Ashley or Jenn (who rarely talks game at all) have actually fought to get Dan backdoored, as well, to help remove a source of most of the host drama. The guy is a serious gamer, and in many ways he is the most responsible for Boogie going home now along with Ian (who is still the biggest problem here courtesy of his status as a double agent).

Is there any move that you think that Frank and Boogie can make to both be around next week, or is their overconfidence now once again going to get the best of them? We want to hear your thoughts below! If you want to check out some more news when it comes to the cheating allegations from the Veto Competition running rampant Sunday night, be sure and read our story over here.

Photo: CBS

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