‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2: Rumpelstiltskin and Captain Hook are…

There is nothing more exciting on a show than a villain that you love to see onscreen, and one of the lucky things about “Once Upon a Time” is that there are a number of characters that fit this bill rather perfectly. We have some people (in the Evil Queen in Maleficent who seem to operate solely out of evil intentions, and then you have someone else in Rumpelstiltskin who is a little bit of a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma. In some ways, he is heroic in that he wants to keep Regina in check — however, it is often for his own selfish reasons.

So what’s Rumple up to for the show’s second season? While we don’t know everything when it comes to details at the moment, a new message on Twitter does certainly seem to suggest great things courtesy of himself and another villain:

“Just finished 2 days work with [Colin O’Donoghue]. A terrific actor giving a lovely performance as Capt Hook, Is it a Scots/Irish alliance?!?!?”

While there does seem to be some ambiguity when it comes to both Regina and Rumple, what makes the character of Captain Hook interesting as a villain is that in many “Peter Pan” adaptations he is described as pure evil. Therefore, he may be willing to do things and go to lengths that your other characers are not willing to do in order to get his desired results. We do wonder, though, just what his endgame will be here — his desired target in the books and the Disney movie was Peter Pan, and as far as we know Pan is not even remotely in the picture for the time being. We may not knowing much about what this Hook will bring, but the idea of him working alongside Carlyle to us certainly means that we are going to be in for some great things after O’Donoghue makes his first appearance as the character a few episodes into season 2.

Do you like the idea of Hook and Rumple possibly working together? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some words from the woman behind the Evil Queen in Lana Parrilla, be sure and check out the story here.

Photo: ABC

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