‘The Newsroom’ review: Are we at ‘News Night’ 3.0 yet?

There are a number of things that make “The Newsroom” an interesting show to watch, and its polarizing nature has to rank somewhere high on the list. For all its criticism about petty relationship drama and being stuffed full of more sermons than a Sunday revival, the show is not shying away from them — as a matter of fact, there were all a key part of Sunday night’s new episode.

As one of the few critics out there absolutely still in love with this show, many of the flaws being thrust under the spotlight was not as troublesome as it may seem. Will’s decision to stand up for Mackenzie did come within the vein of his already-established principles, and you can chalk up Jim and Lisa seemingly getting back together again as a case of bad timing — mostly because it really was Maggie that he was hoping to date at the end of the day. What remained captivating about this episode was how it spelled out issues that we wished somebody in the media was saying — such as why debates (regardless of party) for President contain such softball questions, and why he story of someone like Casey Anthony is somehow more compelling than the hundreds of other similar cases that happen annually. The only thing that “News Night” acts a little snobby about is the Anthony Weiner case, mostly because his personal life does in part dictate how he is seen in Washington and around the world.

While the storyline surrounding Will’s show adopting its old format (and then scrapping it again) was the best part of the episode, Neal’s bizarre exercise in trolling is still the worst. As much as we love Dev Patel, we still don’t really know where it is going — and him finding the person behind Will’s death threats on a chat room seems to be a bit too convenient given how many internet trolls are out there. With that being said, we are at least admittedly happy to have a resolution to this story coming up soon.

Does the relationship drama of “The Newsroom” weigh you down, and did you enjoy Sunday night’s episode? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To read some more news pertaining to the series, be sure and head over to this link.

Photo: HBO

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