‘Breaking Bad’ review: The empire business

It’s a rather sad thought that there are only two more episodes of “Breaking Bad” this summer, mostly because the AMC series has managed to accomplish such a rare feat in getting so good in such a short amount of time. Sunday night’s episode really was firing on all cylinders, and it teased a number of showdowns for Walter White across the border — whether it be at home or at work.

First of all, hats off to Aaron Paul for his finest work of the entire season. It’s interesting to watch Jesse become the good guy of this gang, and seeing Todd shoot a kid last week was all the motive that he needed to want out. He and Mike — who also wanted out due to a DEA tail that was making it rather hard to do his job — came up with an ingenious idea to sell their share of the supply to a major dealer in Arizona — that way they could turn a profit of $5 million each and get away from having to work in this business anymore. However, there was a problem — the dealer wanted Walt’s stake out of commission as well so he didn’t have the competition.

This issue became an interesting study in how two different characters handle a situation. Jesse came up with the idea to simply have a face-to-face conversation with Walt at his home (which also included one of the most awkward dinners yet with Skylar — who is getting ever closer to spilling the beans with Marie), and to convince him that he didn’t need more than $5 million; meanwhile, Mike tried to intimidate him with violence and threats. The right answers landed somewhere in between, and we have a feeling it revolves around Walt making a new batch to trick the dealers into thinking that their product is out of commission — that way everyone gets what they want.

What we want at the moment is for more of this show to come around sooner rather than later, and it’s frustrating to know that the show has a whole only now has ten episodes left. Walt said during this episode that he is in “the empire business,” and that is why we have become so fascinated with his character — however, all this episode helped us to do was reinforce the notion that every empire has a fall.

What did you think about this episode, and do you think Mike’s days could be numbered now on this show? Be sure and share your thoughts below, and you can check out more of “Breaking Bad” over at this link.

Photo: AMC

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