‘Weeds’ review: Is Nancy back to her old ways?

Earlier this season on “Weeds,” it was starting to look as though Nancy Botwin was finally getting on the right path after years and years of getting deep into the pot trade and even getting herself shot as a result. So what she up to now? Even though she’s not in as deep as she once was, let’s just say that Mary-Louise Parker’s character is going to be in some trouble if anyone finds out just what she is up to now.

Early in the episode Sunday, it appeared as though everything was really going her way at work — that is, until she learned that she was going to be forced to take on more sales calls all over New England that took her away from home two weekends a month. She wasn’t all right with that, so she seemingly took a spot in the adderall trade a a local college so she could spend some more time at home with her son — and then, she also slept with a college student while a newly-single Jill did the same. Nancy was not the only person who was making some shady moves, though, as Shane also learned that there is more to working at the impound lot than meets the eye.

As for what happened with Jill and Andy, it really did seem like the perfect end to their story as a couple. He had finally started to realize that what he wanted out of his life was a child of his own — and when Jill revealed that her “pregnancy” was really a false positive and she was going through menopause, he realized that he was really going to have to go somewhere else at the end of the day to get what he wanted out of life.

In between all of this and what Doug did to fake his own charity, do you like that “Weeds” is fully embracing its dark side again — albeit in a different sort of way than in years past? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more news pertaining to the show, be sure and check out the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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