‘Falling Skies’ finale review: Changes for Tom, Anne, and even the Skittters

After a season that started strong and slowed down a bit in the middle “Falling Skies” ended its second-season run Sunday night with an episode that was a number of things — exciting, surprising, frightening, and even thought-provoking. Most importantly, though, there was hope. The survivors for the 2nd Mass. now have a better chance at survival than they once did, and we are starting to feel more and more like this show is really going somewhere great for season 3.

The biggest twist that we enjoy knowing about is the fact that not all Skitters have the same motives, and thus they become more complex than just a race of being that are constantly evil and out to destroy all humankind. If you add the overlords and the new aliens — ones that at least seem on the surface to be somewhat well-mannered — into the mix, then it looks like we could be seeing some other activities occupying he invaders’ time soon. It may still be a stretch, but it at least feels now like there could be some allies here for Tom, Anne, and the rest of the group.

Speaking of Tom, he also has a brand-new challenge in that Anne is pregnant, and he is going to have to figure out how to raise a child under these circumstances. Meanwhile, his son Hal is going to have the same problem that Tom had early this season in a parasite — but this one seems to be far more extreme.

What we really appreciated about this finale is that, unlike many episodes this season, there was a general feeling that the show had an endgame and that there was more than just a battle between humans and Skitters going on. It therefore feels a little less like a survival horror movie, and now more of a genuine piece of science fiction.

What did you think of the finale, and does the prospect of more aliens make you at least a little more excited for season 3? If you want to check out some more “Falling Skies” news, be sure and read our article here.

Photo: TNT

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