‘True Blood’ review: Did Jason Stackhouse become a [spoiler]?

Going into Sunday night’s new episode of “True Blood,” there was really one question that was on our mind in a pretty major way — was Jason Stackhouse going to be able to find his way out of this alive? We knew that he was going to be put into danger, and we wondered whether or not Jessica was going to be able to do anything to stop it.

The good news here is that Jason somehow did manage to find a way to avoid getting himself transformed into a vampire, as Jessica was able to thwart Bill Compton’s plan to have Jessica turn him. The even better news is that he seems to have survived to see the light of day for a little while.

However, this may be the only good news that we currently have when it comes to some of these characters. Sam, Luna, Jessica, and Pam are all being held captive now by the Authority, and we have a feeling that either Bill, Salome, or both of them are going to die by the end of next week after being told by Lilith that they were the only person worthy of leading the new world order of vampires. Pretty much all of the fairies are at risk after Russell devoured their leader alive, and Alcide has all sorts of problems of his own in Jackson.

On a less life-threatening note, Sheriff Andy has realized that his past with a certain fairy has come back to haunt him in a pretty big way — and it’s just as he thought he was going to work things out with Holly and her family.

Overall, this was a great episode that set the stage for a bloodbath next week — but really, we are still waiting for the dust to clear before we know if it contributed enough to the overall story. What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some more of the latest news pertaining to the show, be sure and read our story over here.

Photo: HBO

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