New promo videos: ‘Revenge’ season 2, ‘Dexter’ season 7

While the following two videos do not necessarily have much in the way of new footage, they do show that their respective networks are doing a pretty great job with getting promotional material out in the open sooner rather than later — even though both shows are more than a month away from their September 30 premiere.

Revenge – Even if you haven’t seen the first season of this show, this is in many ways the perfect promo to put there. It details a little bit about why Emily Thorne came out to the Hamptons, what her purpose was in being there, and a little bit on what she is planning to do moving forward.

There are some great moments included her from last season, as well — including some¬†sword-fighting, some passion, and some general drama. There is still one new moment highlighted in this trailer, as we see Emily seemingly being set out to drown in the middle of the ocean. It’s definitely frightening, even if the imagery for it here is really quite cool.

Dexter – For this promo, we are really looking at more of a music video set to Rolfe Kent’s “Tonight’s the Night,” and it is almost all completely re-hashed footage.So what’s the purpose of even putting this out? It really seems to be twofold — not only does it allow for some song promotion, but it give you a general sort of reminder as to why “Dexter” is an awesome show (just as if you needed a reminder for that).

That saddest thing here is that we don’t like living in a world where both “Dexter” and “Revenge” air at the same time, and we are forced into trying to pick what is going to be live viewing, and what is going to be on the DVR.

What do you think about these two promos? To check out the full “Dexter” promo for season 7, be sure and check out the link here.

Photo: ABC

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