‘Falling Skies’ finale preview: Ready for a shocker?

On Sunday night, season 2 of “Falling Skies” is going to conclude on TNT with more than just a battle — there will also be some interesting moves made by a few characters along with a twist that changes everything you may know about the Skitters and their invasion thus far.

As the promo below for the finale shows, the final five minutes are going to be what causes people to talk at the watercooler the next day. Is there going to be a new twist to the invasion, or a better understanding as to why they Earth was chosen? We hope so — but even if we do not get too many more episodes, we do at least have Terry O’Quinn to smile about.

Thanks to the 2nd Mass. arriving at the makeshift capital earlier this season, the show has taken a welcome turn upwards in both the quality and excitement departments — especially since so much of the show felt for a while like watching people do he same exact thing again and again when it came to killing Skitters and finding enough supplies to stay alive. There’s also the near-constant drama with Ben that has been a recurring theme for a while now, and hopefully we will get more direction on that front, as well.

The good news is that regardless of what happens, we already know that there is more of the series on the way — “Falling Skies” already has a season 3 in its back pocket, and will return next summer with all-new episodes.

What do you want to see unfold during the finale? Be sure and share some of your thoughts below!┬áIf you want to check out some more news about the show’s third-season renewal, be sure and read the story over at this link.

Photo: TNT

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