‘The X Factor’ UK premiere review: Ella Henderson, Curtis Golden shine

The X Factor” kicked things off in the Unietd Kingdom Saturday night with plenty of flair, multiple judges, and also one woman who decided to act like a crazy person s soon as they were told they weren’t good enough. We also had the arrival of Mel B as the most awful judge in existence.

Mostly because there are too many contestants who are barely shown during the audition process to even mention, we’re focusing instead on the highlights — those who shined for either good or bad reasons.

Zoe Alexander – Zoe had some similarities to Kitty Brucknell in that she works as tribute artist — though as Pink rather than Lady Gaga. Sadly, that’s where the similarities end. We actually thought this was going to be good … at least until she decided that she was going to sing a Pink song. Why didn’t she sing something else? She just wasn’t good enough, and her meltdown after her performance was really just pathetic. She was either legitimately upset, or she suddenly decided that sent she wasn’t good enough, she wanted to have a meltdown for publicity.

Curtis Golden – This, meanwhile is what we like to call a “pleasant surprise.” The self-admitted geek came on stage creeping all over guest judge Mel B in Manchester, but had a voice that was a bit like a hybrid of Johnny Cash of Jason Mraz. He does still need to find some stage presence, but it’s a heck of a great start for a guy that we expected nothing from. The irony? Mel was the only person who didn’t like it.

Ella Henderson – Ladies and gentlemen, we have a favorite to go far on this show. In between her emotional story of singing for her grandfather and her powerful voice, Ella has “pop star” written all over her face. If we wanted to use celebrity comparisons here, we would go with a bit of Christina Aguilera and a little bit of Jessie J.

Who was your favorite contestant who auditioned during this premiere? If you want to check out Olly Murs channel Justin Bieber in a promo for the show, be sure and click on the link here. Of course, we’ll also have more from the show moving forward for the rest of the season.

Photo: ITV

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