‘The Newsroom’ preview: A mock debate and more Casey Anthony

If you thought that Will McAvoy was going to see the light when it comes to selling out for more Casey Anthony coverage on Sunday night’s new episode of “The Newsroom,” it’s not going to happen — at least not right away.

Will has already made it more than a little bit clear that his top priority is to try and find a way to ensure that he can make sure ACN gets to host a Republican debate for the 2012 election, and a prerequisite of that is ratings. In doing this, however, he is pretty much allowing the entire machine around him to come around at the scenes. Everyone is unhappy, and they are starting to take it out on each other in some unusual ways. For Jim, it means having to figure out where he stands with Lisa yet again — meanwhile, it also means that some major trouble could be on the horizon for Don and Lemon. (Does anyone else find it a little strange that Don has been seeing other women considering how much he has worried about Maggie over the course of this season?)

On a more believable note when it comes to relationships, it’s possible that we are going to be getting a step closer into figuring out how Mackenzie is going to deal with having two of her ex-husbands working together in the same environment — especially since she cheated on one with the other. After seeing all of this drama play out in the brief promo (which you can see below), it’s actually a little interesting to see it end with something in a mock debate that is staged in the newsroom in a matter that is almost comical.

How do you think these final two episodes are going to end up? If you want to check out our review from last week’s episode, be sure and read our story over here.

Photo: HBO

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