‘True Blood’ preview: Jessica tries to save [spoiler]

The end is nigh for “True Blood” season 5, and on Sunday night’s new episode we are going to see the continuation of what has become one of the biggest struggles between vampires that we have seen on this show yet. Specifically, we have at this point three separate camps:

The sanguinistas – Led by Salome and now Bill Compton (seemingly), these are the people who see humans as food and worship Lilith as their god. In the sneak peek below, we see just how much Bill has changed (and / or been brainwashed) when he tells Jessica that he no longer has any obligation to protect Sookie Stackhouse or her brother Jason from any supernatural creatures that are coming their way.

The mainstreamers – These are the folk interested mostly in trying to keep the peace between vampires and humans — they drink Tru Blood (whatever of it that is left), have human friends, and see them as potential friends and allies despite their differences. Jessica is clearly in this camp, as are Pam and Tara. Is Eric still part of this? That’s unclear, as he was seemingly brainwashed during last week’s episode.

The crazies – Really, you can just throw Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin in here (though mostly just Russell). These are the people who just run around and eat people without any regard for what is good or what is holy, and they are the ones who are putting Jason in serious jeopardy.

Could Ryan Kwanten’s character actually become a vampire? We hope this doesn’t happen, but it is something that Jessica suggests to Bill in the video to keep him alive for a little while longer. Thankfully, we’re not going to have to wait long to find out.

Do you think Jason will become a vampire? We want to hear your theories below! To check out another promo for Sunday’s episode, be sure and view the story here.

Photo: HBO

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