‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The smell of regret

When you want to make a move in the “Big Brother” house and you don’t, it typically leads to you sitting around and complaining about it for a while — and when it comes to one of the players currently sitting on the block, they are definitely feeling that this Saturday morning.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

After he was nominated alongside his alliance partner Boogie Friday night, Frank has been on a bit of a tailspin. He in part blames Mike for going for the money and allowing this to happen to him — and then, in a monologue on Saturday morning he blamed himself for listening too much to Boogie and not taking advantage of the opportunity to try and backdoor Dan last week. For the record, if he had tried the likes of Joe, Wil, Mike, and Ashley would have all voted to evict him while Britney, Shane, Danielle, and Ian (the Quack Pack) would have voted to save him. Frank would have been the deciding vote, and Dan would have been out the door. Granted, Frank’s ranting is pretty much moot since Shane would have targeted him this week regardless.

If the house was voting tomorrow, we have a feeling that Frank will be the target based largely on how many challenges he has already won — while Boogie is a schemer, he’s also not that big of a threat to actually win anything. There is still the Veto to play a little later in the day, and that may help to figure out a little bit more about what happens here — but if Frank wins, Boogie’s goose is probably cooked since he won’t have the numbers.

Do you think Frank is crazy for not realizing that he really made his bed (and now has to lie in it) far earlier than this past week?To check out some more news about Dan, be sure and pay a visit to our story here.

Photo: CBS

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