‘Dancing with the Stars’ spotlight: Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson

While we were derailed with our “Dancing with the Stars” spotlight series on Friday due to some much-discussed Maksim Chmerkovskiy drama, we are back to make it up to you today by taking a look at someone who is among the most-popular contestants to ever be on the show — Joey Fatone. Can the former ‘NSYNC member take home the shiny Mirrorball Trophy this time? We definitely think he has a couple of things going for him straight out of the gate.

Claim to fame – Being a member of one of the most-popular boy bands of all time alongside such other performers as Justin Timberlake and another former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant in Lance Bass.

Past placement – Runner-up (season 4)

Past and current partner – Kym Johnson

Story on the show – After dealing with Jerry Springer, Joey was the first celebrity partner of Kym’s that she could really demonstrate some of her strengths with — creating fun, captivating performances that were part camp, and also part technical. His “Star Wars”-themed routine (as seen in the picture) remains one of the most iconic ones in the show’s history.

Strengths – There’s no questioning that Joey is a fun guy to watch, and he makes sure he is entertaining not just when he is dancing (which is an especially good thing or viewers at home). No one gets into performances quite like he does, and he has the benefit of working with someone again in Kym who he already has a great relationship with. While other pairs are getting to know each other, they will be diving right in.

Also, you cannot ignore how big of an advantage it is that Joey has been performing at the “Dancing with the Stars” show in Las Vegas. He should basically be close to a pro by this point … or at least closer to one that some of the other contestants are.

Weaknesses – As strong as a dancer as Joey is, he still has to work on the romantic routines, and getting us to take him seriously through some more serious times. After all, this is a man who showed up on season 4 with a pair of shorts that said “Fat One” on the rear end. He’s not an actor by trade, so this could be a challenge.

Prediction – It’s all going to depend on the voting, but Joey should make it all the way to the finale if he lives up to his expectations. ┬áThe only thing that could stop him? Having a smaller fan base these days, but the show has already proven that you can make fans on the show just by being entertaining.

How do you think Joey is going to fare this season? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more of our spotlight series, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: ABC

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