‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Has Dan been found out?

Over his past two seasons of “Big Brother 14,” Dan Gheesling has created a reputation for himself as the master puppetmaster. He’s so nice that you will not often know that he is manipulating you, and then when he makes it to the end you can’t help but vote for him. For whatever reason, nobody outside of Frank has really looked at him as much of a target of all — until now.

Friday night was complete and total pandemonium in the house, with there being one major reason for it — Shane not taking the blame for nominating Boogie and Frank. To an extent, we get where he’s coming from when it comes to him not wanting all of the blood on his hands — while he wins competition after competition, Britney gets off scot-free while she tells him what to do and who to put on the block. He’s tired of it — and really, the only thing he did wrong here was tell Britney that he threw her under the bus a little bit. (He could have otherwise denied it.)

So how did all of this get back to Dan? Basically, Britney threw some blame in his direction in her own confrontation with Frank and Boogie, which led to them confronting him in one of the most rational fights we’ve ever seen. These three guys were in the HoH room with Shane and Britney, and they let the fur fly — sort of. We don’t know how much got accomplished, but it was hilarious seeing Danielle try to get herself involved only to be turned away. (Of course, she sulked over this the rest of the night.)

Is Dan still a bigger target than the two people on the block for his scheming? Not exactly, but what this was to Boogie was another reminder that the guy is playing the game harder and better than he realizes. Frank may have made a mistake getting Wil out before him, after all, even if he could have been on the block regardless this week.

Really, there are two other things from Friday night we find shocking:

1. That Ian has managed to go through all of this relatively unscathed despite his role as a double agent.

2. That Britney continues to yammer on about how Dan, Frank, or Danielle are somehow destined to win this game as if she possesses no power to change it. Britney’s sarcasm and negativity were funny in season 12 when she was the underdog, but as a person in power it’s more pathetic than anything else.

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Photo: CBS

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