‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Nominations and the arcade mystery

Friday turned out to be a pretty interesting day in the “Big Brother 14” house, but not just because of the people Shane opted to put on the block as nominees.

Before we even get to the nominees, we have to talk a little bit about what happened when the producers decided that it would be fun to drop a clear block with a question mark on it (one that looked very much like the symbol for Pandora’s Box) inside of the game in the arcade room. What did it mean? Nobody knew! Dan took this as an opportunity to stir up all kinds of paranoia, getting everyone riled up and speculating as to if this was a twist, a teaser for an upcoming competition, or just producers trying to fake out the contestants. Meanwhile, Shane claimed that he was going to use it as justification for his speech during the Nomination Ceremony.

As expected, both Frank and Boogie are on the chopping block for eviction — and neither is very happy about it. Shane is throwing Britney under the bus like a madman and trying to plead ignorance, and it’s not really working. The one smart point that Boogie did make to Shane was that if he does get rid of big threats, he’s going to become the biggest target in the game and be taken out like Jeff was during both of these seasons. Everyone outside of the Quack Pack seems to be surprised, and even some people are beyond confused about what’s happening. Take Jenn — who thinks that Ian is next on the chopping block even though he is a part of this alliance.

All in all, we’re setting up for a crazy week with these two on the block — and we wonder how long Shane is going to feign ignorance on this plan — or if he will continue to blame Britney for anything and everything.

What do you think about these nominees? If you want to check out how Frank was feeling prior to the nomination ceremony on Friday, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: CBS

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