‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: What’s next for Will and Emma?

In the midst of spending so much time talking about “Glee” as of late when it comes to some of the younger couples, Will and Emma has had a tendency to be left out in the cold a little bit. With that in mind, why don’t we try and rectify that now?

Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Brad Falchuk promises that the much-loved couple will have some big storylines coming up this season — but at the same time, he also said that not all of the focus for them this year is going to be on the romance between the two of them:

“When I look at the first two episodes, I’d say that relative to last year they have a lot to do … But I will say that they are probably pulling back from that a bit. Those two characters are vital to the show, but their relationship will be less of a focus.”

Considering that there is a wedding that is supposed to happen at some point when it comes to these characters the later statement may come as a little bit of a surprise. Should we take that a possible sign that a wedding may not happen? Not necessarily, as Falchuk also had some confidence that a Wemma wedding will happen at some point. While we have heard that they are one of the couples that will be a part of the much-feared “The Break-Up” episode coming up this season, their level of maturity — plus working at the same high school together and not being thousands of miles away — probably ensures that they will probably find a way to survive it without too many problems. As for Finchel and Klaine, let’s just say that we are a little bit more concerned.

Do you want to see Will and Emma finally tie the knot at some point this fall? We want to hear some of your thoughts below, and be sure to check out our story here if you want to read the latest from Lea Michele.

Photo: Fox

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