‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Why is Frank fuming?

If there was a book to describe how Frank is feeling Friday in the “Big Brother” house, it would probably be “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day.” The guy’s got a dark cloud floating around all over his head … and for a pretty good reason.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from the live feed.)

Even though he still does not think that the is going up on the block, Frank is fuming over the fact that Boogie didn’t even bother trying to win the Head of Household challenge and instead won $10,000 — and thus, he is going to blame Mike if he does get nominated. This was all unveiled during a conversation with Ian, and really it just feels like misplaced anger based mostly on his own paranoia.  If Boogie went for HoH, we seriously don’t think that he was going to beat Shane — and if he did that, he’d be targeted as more of a threat. At least he got something out of the challenge, and padded his total a little bit for the game overall.

Frank does have a pretty unique game going at the moment — every week that he is not Head of Household, he ends up being put on the block. If he is nominated here we wonder what sort of problems it will create in Chilltown 2.0 — and this is really what makes Frank different than Dr. Will. Rather than playing a game now that is strategy-based with someone who never won challenges, Frank is a big-time physical threat … and he thus is always going to be in danger.

We are really wondering now when the mad scramble and the campaigning is really going to start — outside of a brief conversation last name about putting Frank and Boogie on the block by the Quack Pack, most people seem to be laying low, hanging out, working out, and talking about random things.

Do you really think Frank has any reason whatsoever to blame Boogie for what is going on? We want to hear your thoughts below!  If you want to check out some more news pertaining to Boogie’s morning monologue in the house, be sure and head over to the link here. You can also see some more of the latest updates in the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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