‘Burn Notice’ review: Who is Timothy Grey?

We are a little later than usual when it comes to presenting our review from Thursday night’s new episode of “Burn Notice,” but that does not mean that it was a useless hour of television by any means. While there was a “mission of the week” involving Fiona that did not have major implications for the rest of the story, we at least did get a few steps further to figuring out who killed Anson Fullerton and Michael’s brother Nate earlier this season.

How much further did he come? Well, let’s just say he has a name now courtesy of a leader of a certain military organization — Timothy Grey. He’s a master sniper, speaks¬†Farsi, and is a complete and total mystery at the moment. As a matter of fact we did not even learn his name until the black-market military dealer said it out loud before being shot twice in the chest. This very revelation came about after an entertaining mission with Sam and Jesse that showed off what Coby Bell’s character has been doing for much of the past few weeks — getting his targets drunk before convincing them to disclose targets.

Now that the name Timothy Grey is out there, expect next week’s summer finale to be a massive manhunt for answers. Not only do they have to find this guy, they also have to figure out why exactly he was after Anson — if Anson really was the target, that is. Is someone trying to hurt Michael? It would be the twist to end all twists if the target was really Nate all along.

Do you like where the show is heading leading up to the finale next week?¬†To check out some more of the latest “Burn Notice” news, be sure and check out our story over at this link.

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