‘Homeland’ season 2 trailer: It’s a powerful one…

In case you missed the first season of “Homeland,” you should probably know one thing — you missed out on what may be dollar for dollar one of the most powerful series on all television. It’s lined with fine performances (especially Claire Danes as Carrie), some smart subject matter that you can’t really see in scripted form anywhere else on television, and it’s superbly written.

Now, the first trailer for the show’s second season seems to be doing everything in its power to remind us just how fantastic this show really is. Carried by a stirring cover of “Every Breath You Take,” the clip features Brody being under surveillance again along with a number of other powerful images that are sure to stir your inner patriot. It’s a brilliant showcase of edition, but you also have to remember that it is only a minute and a half worth of footage.

Will this series sustain? That is the real question when it comes to season 2. It’s easy to run into a sophomore slump when you run out of the gate so strongly, especially when your show is also in some ways set up around a game of cat and mouse. Sooner or later, Brody and Carrie are going to have to stop chasing each other so that we can learn where they really stand — otherwise, we’re watching the same exact thing for years. We already know that these two characters are going to start the season off in very different places than where they were at the end of season 1, and Carrie’s not even going to remember all that she went through. However, we have a feeling that something is going to happen that will jog her memory soon enough.

What do you think about this trailer? If you want to check out another teaser for the new season, be sure and hit up the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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