‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham releases new ‘music video’

If you remember back to last week, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham made a decision to release her first-ever song — a mess of auto-tune and robotic beats that she claims was her form of therapy while thinking about her past and writing her new book My Teenage Dream Ended.

So what is Farrah doing now? Let’s just say that she has not only released another song, but a music video to go along with it. The track is entitled “On My Own,” and the message of it seems fairly simple — she feels isolated and distraught trying to raise her daughter Sophia alone after the death of Derek Underwood. However, you may have a hard time hearing that since the lyrics don’t even feel at times like they were synced properly to the beat. Not only is the auto-tune still present here, but the words are scattered all over the place.

As for the music video, it’s definitely bizarre — it feels at times like some home movies of Farrah and her daughter, with the occasional shot of the two of them walking down some sort of road. It’s definitely a strange thing to watch, and the fact that Sophia is always there actually makes it feel like she is a little less on her own than the song suggests. She may be speaking more figuratively than literally in her lyrics, but the feeling is still the same.

We do not strive to be mean here, and it’s nice to see that Farrah has found an outlet to channel some of her emotions. With that being said, we really can’t see anyone outside of diehard fans of the reality star wanting to listen to this more than once.

What do you think about this video? To check out some more of the latest “Teen Mom” news, be sure to click on the link here.

Photo: MTV

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