MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: Did Jenna and Matty [spoiler]?

You know you have a good show when you are able to look past some of the moments of great predictability, and when it came to “Awkward” Thursday night, we saw that in spades. From the very onset, you could tell what was going to happen the moment Jake told Jenna he was breaking up with her after hearing the truth about her past with Matty. She and Matty were eventually going to meet up to talk it out … but instead end up kissing. Then, Jake was going to walk in on them. It’s a tale as old as time that rarely happens in the real world — but this was an episode all about timing, and that is something the world of television has figured out how to rock at time and time again. The man ¬†or woman almost manages to catch the couple kissing at the inopportune time.

The real comedy in this episode really didn’t come from Jenna at all — but rather the madness of her heartbreak happening at a wedding. Everyone was feeling selfish, the bride was a drunken mess on the floor, and a ten-year old boy suddenly thought he was a regular Don Juan with the ladies. These little things are what make “Awkward” the best show on MTV more so than the love triangle — they give us the heart that make the romance effective. We care about all of these characters in some form or another — even Sadie, even if we care about her in a loathing sort of way.

Moving forward, our real question is just what is going to happen with this triangle next. It’s an interesting situation, really — we’ve been bred to want to cheer on Jenna, but what she did to Jake was really a pretty bad thing. With that in mind, it’s understandable that he is feeling upset and we can’t even hold it against him that he wants to publicly embarrass them — though what Jenna and Matty did was not really cheating given that he had just broken up with her.

What did you think about this episode, and now whose side are you on — Team Matty or Team Jake? To check out our review of last week’s episode, be sure and click on the link here.

Photo: MTV

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