‘Anger Management’ review: Charlie Sheen’s daddy issues

In some ways, you can think of “Anger Management’s” episode Thursday night as a sneak preview of what could be to come for the FX series. Network programming head John Landgraf recently said earlier this year that Martin Sheen could come on board he show in a larger capacity if the show is picked up for more episodes, and we now have our first taste of him working alongside his son Charlie … where he also plays his character’s father.

Really, the story here was simple — Charlie was paranoid that his dad was going to come in and spew negativity about every little thing that he did — but instead, he was actually the opposite. He was kind, he was complimentary, and he acted as though everything was fine and dandy. Unfortunately for Charlie, here was a twist — as there always is. After taking his pops to therapy and hearing that he may have remembered some of the stories wrong from his youth, he later discovered that Martin (yes, his name is Martin here, too) was actually lying in front of both him and Kate. He was a scoundrel, but one trying to make amends now and move out to be with his son in the Los Angeles area. Charlie eventually obliged, but with the caveat that he move 20 minutes away so he didn’t have to see him all of the time.

There were some funny moments between the two, but Martin’s presence alone single-handedly lifted up the show as much as he could given the level of writing. His performance on “The West Wing” is among the best ever — and while this is no “West Sing,” he showed a different side by doing impressions and sharing some tender moments with his real-life son.

Overall, we’re excited for the potential of seeing more of the Sheen family on TV — and if nothing else hopefully it could take away some of the monotony that make up this story through and through. It seems as though every other episode is about Charlie realizing that his own anger is a problem just as much as it is for the people he counsels.

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Photo: FX

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