‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Who won Head of Household?

We really wish as though the Head of Household competition on “Big Brother 14” Thursday night was close, but it really wasn’t — as a matter of fact, this was one that you could really call from the moment it began who was going to win.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

For those of you who did not catch our review, the challenge revolved around trying to pour tiny amounts of what appears to be swamp water into a giant jar. The first person who fills up their jar enough to pull the cork out is declared the winner, and thus has the power to nominate two people for eviction. However, the twist here is that there are also two additional jars you can fill up instead — one that promises safety for the week, and another that earns you $10,000.

For those of you who know Mike “Boogie” well, should it really surprise any of you to find out that the guy ended up getting the $10,000? He obviously knew that he had no chance of winning this challenge, and he just wanted to get something out of it (which he always seems to do in this game). Meanwhile, Britney won safety — which is something that she does not necessarily need given that the person who won the Head of Household here is Shane. He was dominant from the get-go, and nobody was really even close to him when it came to taking him down and winning the prize. What we are really curious about now is this — who will he put up for eviction? The Silent Six is still in power, but Shane may want revenge given that production took away the ability to get Frank out of the house from him earlier this season.

On another note, there are no have-nots for the time being … though that could change later.

Do you think “Big Brother” should keep doing this challenge, since it always seems to favor the physical players so much? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and head over to this link to check out our review from Thursday’s episode. We also have more updates in the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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