‘The X Factor’ winner Melanie Amaro releases another song in ‘Love Me Now’

Only a matter of weeks after dropping her first original song in “Don’t Fail Me Now,” Melanie Amaro is proving one thing with her song titles — she likes to have  a sense of urgency in her music. After all, her new song also has “Now” in the title.

In the box below, you can check out “Love Me Now,” which is another track that the winner of “The X Factor” last year in America is putting on her debut coming out later this year. The song definitely has some elements that can be found in some of her favorite artists — which include the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. There are some rising vocals, a pretty catchy hook, and the sort of romantic lyrics that you would very much expect from a pop diva.

Really, the only criticism that we can offer up with this song is that it may sound a little too much like Amaro’s contemporaries from the 1990s, and we are not entirely sure where it will fit in the modern pop landscape and on the radio. Then again, we are not music experts — and the show invested $5 million in Melanie, so we have a feeling that they probably know what they are doing.

In releasing some of these songs online, the idea here may be to give some of Melanie’s songs a test run to gauge what people think — and to also give her plenty of time in the spotlight for a few weeks. A return to “The X Factor” this fall will also surely help her as she works to amp up the publicity train.

What do you think about this song? To read some more news on “The X Factor” season 2 involving Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell, be sure and check out the link here.

Photo: Epic Records

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