‘Oh Sit!’ review: We came, we sat, we conquered

The moment that we first heard that The CW was literally launching a series called “Oh Sit!” — and it was literally a larger-than-life version of Musical Chairs — we admit that we were not exactly enthused. It was a game show for people who don’t get enough wipeouts from watching “Wipeout” — and for whatever reason, the two shows are actually competing against each other as a part of the Thursday night schedule.

We didn’t get a chance to go in-depth about the premiere Wednesday thanks to everything else being on the air, but in checking out Thursday night’s installment — and being an avid game show enthusiast — there were some things that were easy to like. Some of the crew here previously worked on the classic Nickelodeon show “Double Dare,” and the stunts and obstacles had a similar sort of fun to them. We also don’t mind the commentary from Jamie Kennedy (remember him?) and┬áJessi Cruickshank, who did their best to emulate the “Wipeout” Johns with their nicknames and sense of humor. Some of the names — “Chair Island” and the infamous “Chair Mountain” at the end — were also at least reasonably clever. Having a musical guest is a little distracting from the game, but at the same time we like having the live music present for this.

Now, we get to the problem with “Oh Sit!” — and the reason that we’re not likely to watch again — is simply because there’s not enough creativity. We want more silliness, and more mess. We want to see people going through mud and slime — if you’re going to be ridiculous, you may as well go all out, and after about three rounds it felt like we were watching the same thing over and over again as contestants climbed over things to jump into a chair when the music stopped playing. Maybe it’s the budget that comes with being on The CW, but there needs to be more variety to go with what is already here. Otherwise, it’s like watching “Wheel of Fortune” as though every one of the puzzles is a brand of peanut butter you buy at the store.

At the end of the day, “Oh Sit!” is not necessarily the worst way you could spend a summer evening — at least so long as it’s a Thursday night at 8:00 and there’s not much else on. It fills the “silly fun” void nicely, but we can’t see ourselves having fun with this more than once unless we actually see more than just the same sort of stunts every episode.

Have you checked out this series — and if so, what did you think? To check out some ratings from the premiere, be sure and read our story here.

Photo: The CW

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