‘Supernatural’ season 8: Misha Collins talks summer waiting game

Supernatural” is really a unique beast when it comes to primetime television. There are only two actors who appear in every episode in Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and most everyone else tends to flutter in occasionally or stay for a few years before eventually leaving. One character that has certainly had an especially interesting story is Castiel, as Misha Collins has seen himself be a series regular for a time before nearly disappearing off the face of the planet for a time during season 7.

The scary part for Collins here as an actor is of course the uncertainty, and in a new interview with IGN he admits that there was once a concern that he would not be a part of this new season at all as the show switched over from Sera Gamble to Jeremy Carver as the primary showrunner:

“I thought at the end of last season, ‘Hey, thank God they left me in Purgatory with Dean. I’m definitely going to be significant next season’. Then there was a little back and forth where it wasn’t really clear whether I was going to come back at all … The way in which I do come back is not at all what I expected. But I’ll be back much more significantly this season than last.”

We now know that Collins will be around for at least eight episodes of season 8, with a possible for even more than that depending on how the story goes and the passion of the writing staff for what Cas is up these days.  He may not be a favorite of every “Supernatural” fan, but those who love him are passionate more so than just about any other on TV.

How many episodes do you want to see Collins in during season 8? To find out some more scoop on a couple of new characters we will see in some form this season, be sure to pay a visit to the link here.

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