ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Who has been recast?

Sometimes in the world of television, there are things that happen that you simply cannot see coming — and with that, you often see different actors playing the same character over the course of a series’ run. Take a look at “Bewitched” or “My Wife and Kids” as examples — and over the course of this summer, “Last Man Standing” has also recast one of Tim Allen’s daughters.

So what is the latest show to join these ranks? It happens to be “Revenge” courtesy of a recurring role in Satoshi Takeda. This role was originally played by actor Hiroyuki Sanada in the first season, but now TV Guide is reporting that Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa has been cast in the part instead. So what’s the reason behind this shakeup? According to executive producer Melissa Loy, it is reallythe results of Sanada having a busy film schedule that includes shooting the new “Wolverine” movie in Australia with Hugh Jackman:

“Geographically, with our schedule being what it is, it was getting a little bit challenging … We would have had to fly him in and out of Australia, but [still] wouldn’t have had him on the days we necessarily needed him. We tried to figure out a bunch of different scenarios, but ultimately it was too difficult.”

The only way that the series would have been able to guarantee the original actor’s availability was to have made him a series regular — and since this did not happen, we are instead going to be seeing a new face in this key role. Then again, if Hiroyuki-Tagawa is impressive enough in the part, it may be hard for anyone to even notice the change. He does have an impressive resume of roles including spots on “Heroes” as well as “Hawaii Five-0.”

What do you think of this change-up, and is it going to alter how you watch this show in any way? We want to hear from you below! Be sure to visit the link here if you want to check out some more scoop pertaining to Emily and Amanda on this coming season.

Photo: ABC

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