‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Ian’s hairy situation

There wasn’t much in the way of strategy in the “Big Brother 14” house on Wednesday night, but we did see something else worthy of some great comedy — the latest trials and tribulations of Ian Terry.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

First things first, Ian tried to salvage whatever sort of relationship he had left with Ashley by having what was the most awkward date of all time. He sat at the table, ate some DiGiorno (which is his go-to food to solve any problem), and could not find anything to talk with her about while the poker game going on in the other room messed with him. It’s too bad … they could have had such a riveting conversation about Ashley making out with Frank in the Head of Household Room the night before.

Following this, the true entertainment began when Ian decided to allow Danielle, Britney, and Ashley to all apply some Nair to his armpits — and the results looked painful. They were successful in getting off most of the hair, but at the same time Ian was clearly in a good bit of pain the rest of the night. He also claimed that the ladies must have done it wrong, when they argued otherwise. (Note to Ian: next time, trim them yourself.)

We cherish these fun moments right now mostly because there has been little to no interesting strategy talk. Wil is seemingly leaving the house, and then after that the game should be exciting again. While we don’t necessarily like Joe and his loud Diary Room sessions, we are in some ways hoping for him to win the next HoH challenge simply so that there is something different that happens next week. Another win by the Silent Six likely either means Frank on the block (again) or a floater taken out.

Do you think Ian just trying to be a fun-loving guy works to his benefit in this game? To check out some more news when it comes to Wil campaigning, be sure and read our story here.

Photo: CBS

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