‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Wil goes into campaign mode

With us getting closer and closer to the live eviction in the “Big Brother 14” house on Thursday, we are now at the time in which the nominees have to scramble in order to try and keep themselves alive in this game. Of course, this is still a situation where some people on the block are fighting harder than others.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers straight from the live feed.)

When it comes to counting the votes, what we know for sure is that Head of Household Frank wants Wil out of the game, and the coaches in Boogie, Dan, and Britney all seem to feel the same way. Meanwhile, both Jenn and Ashley seem more interested in keeping Wil around as somebody more interested in helping out their alliance — but in order to make this happen, they need to get three newbies to jump ship and join them.

This, unfortunately, is where Wil’s campaigning — despite some hard work that he put in on Wednesday night — comes up against a roadblock. Shane and Danielle are tied closely to their former coaches, and are also part of multiple alliances that could see him as a major threat against them.  The only thing that could turn this around? If players vote with their heart rather than their head. Danielle has already admitted to really liking Wil, and we saw this during the episode — meanwhile, nobody really likes Joe. There could also be a last-minute uprising against Frank depending on how desperately people want him out of the house. (Depending on who wins HoH next week, Frank is probably going to be in big trouble.)

Anything can change in this game, but with the current climate in the house as it is, the vote to evict Wil still has not changed. Sadly, there’s not much else going on outside of Britney gossiping to everyone about what happened in the HoH room between Frank and Ashley last night.

Do you think Wil really is the right person to evict from this game? To check out our full review of this past episode, be sure and hit up our link here.

Photo: CBS

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