‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Advancing acts and hope for Andrew De Leon

We may as well not beat around the bush about it — everyone knows that the “America’s Got Talent” show featuring YouTube acts Tuesday night was pretty terrible. There were only two or three acts that were really entertaining enough from our standpoint to make it through to the next round, so the voting public had an easier choice than usual.

Here are the four acts that America and the judges selected to actually move forward to the semifinal rounds.

Academy of Villains – This one was obviously, mostly because they are one of the best dance crews on the entire show. Easily, they were the best act of the night and the only one that probably would have advanced on a normal week.

Bria Kelly – She’s a pretty good country singer, but her “Gunpowder & Lead” paled to Skylar Laine’s cover of the song from “American Idol” this season.

The Magic of Puck – There was something oddly enjoyable about Puck’s act, and the fact that he used restraint was admirable — now the real trick is going to be seeing how producers try and desecrate his act before the next time he performs on this show.

Clint Carvalho РThe young man with the guitar actually lost! This was a surprising vote in some ways, but the right one. While the bird expert may not have been that incredible, at least what he did was unique.

There was a brief tease for the wild card show that was teased at the end here, but it wasn’t really clear if the acts that were in the montage are the ones returning — but we hope so, given that Andrew De Leon was included as a part of it.

What did you think about this episode, and are you glad that YouTube week is finally over? To check out more news from the show this week, be sure and pay a visit to this link.

Photo: NBC

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